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Thread: God Selection Improvements

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    God Selection Improvements

    This thread will contain 2 main suggestions to try and improve god selection with a little bit of MM thrown in there too.

    First suggestion:

    The ability to customize god filters.

    So, instead of having just Default, Not Mastered, Mastered, Assassin, Guardian, Hunter, Mage, Warrior as the options, allowing people to re-organize and customize their own.

    This would allow someone to, for example, make a filter that only shows their favourite gods and have that be the default filter instead of having the full roster as the default.

    It could mean that someone might make a filter that picks out a specific pantheon so they can click on that instead of typing it into the search bar every time.

    Someone could theoretically make a "Role" filter where they incorporate cross-role classes such as adding Ao Kuang into the Assassin/Jungler list or adding Broken Samedi to their Solo Lane list.

    Second suggestion:

    Role Selections Before Queuing

    Allow people to pick the role(s) they are willing to play before they queue for a mode. Then let the MM look to try and put together a balanced team composition based on the standards for each mode. Those being:

    Conquest: Frontliner x2, Melee Damage Dealer, Ranged Damage Dealer x2
    Arena: Frontliner x1, Melee Damage Dealer, Ranged Damage Dealer x3
    Clash: Frontliner x1, Melee Damage Dealer, Ranged Damage Dealer x3
    Joust: Frontliner x1, Ranged Damage Dealer x2

    Of course, keeping the roles to select vague is important, since there's a lot of flexibility within a normal draft, allowing you to have magical ADC's such as Chronos/Freya/Nu Wa as well as Hunters in Mid and even Mages in the solo lane/support roles.

    These would be just guidelines, so people can quickly tell what kind of role(s) you are willing to play and so can pick around it, meaning there's less chance for getting into a game and 3 people insta-lock Assassin because that's the only role they wanted to play and so picked it as soon as they could. It would also help with those situations where you have no-one who wants to play support and someone is forced into picking it because everyone else insta-locked by making it more likely that someone willing to play the role will be identified and then matched into teams.

    It should also be important to allow people to select multiple options, so if they're flexible and are willing to play multiple roles they'll have an easier time getting into a game, while if someone doesn't want to be a team player and just wants to stab things as Loki, they might have a harder time finding a match during off-peak hours.
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    I do think that role selection should be a thing, but rather than being limited to queuing a mandatory comp before the match even starts, needing to lock a role before selecting a God would be a nice barrier. Not only does this sort of promote the same thing, it also puts one more hurdle to instant lockers. Some may just blow through it just as, but I do think being required to see peoples choices for even a moment before greed might encourage them to think even slightly about comp. As for the custom filters, eh, why not.

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