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Thread: Speed hacker: SHADOWXROUGE12

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    Exclamation Speed hacker: SHADOWXROUGE12

    Match ID: 423874319
    Gamemode: Conquest
    Match Duration: 50:27
    Hacker's In-game name: SHADOWXROUGE12

    Summary: Me and my friend were in this conquest game when, a little ways into the match we noticed this Ymir moving extraordinarily fast. We thought he might've just built a bunch of movement speed items, but no. I was also playing Janus in this game, and when I could actually hit him with my portal I also saw that he went through the animation at about 4x the speed of normal. My friend, who was playing Mercury, was being outran buy this Ymir, even though he had built movement speed items and at one point bumbas mask.

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    You shouldn't name anyone in this forum sir. There is no 'shaming' policy, notably naming anyone for anything is a no no.

    But, you can send the above info to SMITE via their support page and label it EAC for Easy Anti Cheat. They will check it out.

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