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Thread: Warlocks staff could use a tweak

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    Personally, I think that the stacks should either be removed, or the gains from stacks be more about unlocking a passive. Increase the base stats a bit, have the stacks be for the passive (such as soul eater), and boom, you have a bit more power for the first buy without putting yourself so far behind that when it comes online, your not already irrelevant.

    Not saying it's a perfect solution, but the current form clearly lacks appeal.

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    stack items = how to not play untill it is ready = boring items for boring players

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    I actually really enjoy the way Soul Eater stacks and I think Transcendence, Devourer's Gauntlets, Book of Thoth and Warlocks Staff should also have caveats in how they stack or change how they stack completely. I'm thinking specifically from League and Archangels staff/Manamune where it stacks by using abilities and using mana.

    With Soul Eater, that item has its logic built into its description, it eats the souls of nearby dying things from ANY source.

    I could see Book of Thoth and Transcendence stacking on mana usage (that would have to increase the stack level for Trans tho maybe).
    For Warlocks I could see the stacks being done by doing x amount of damage to gods and y amount to lane and jungle minions/bosses post mitigation (much like Xbal passive).
    For Devourer's Gauntlets it stacks off of doing x amount of life stolen from gods and y amount stolen from other sources, slowly stacking faster as you lifesteal more and get more power behind you to do this.

    With items stacking like this instead, it would give more viability to cross class building. Warlocks would need a major stats tweak at that point though since guardians would be able to use this early on quite decently.
    For Thebes, I don't mind how it stacks since its a support oriented item. I also don't mind how Urchin stacks either.

    This could also be used to allow stacking these items in Assault or Arena far more easily where there is only a single wave of minions divided between the whole time. If they didn't change them to something like this, they could introduce Fast Stack variations for these modes where they stack off of other things instead of just last hits (like Soul Eater).
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