Is there a way to counter-report this? I reported them back, every one of them, knowing that they already did it to me, but i dont trust the system at all. I know this things happens, but i want to make sure that:

1: I dont get banned just because uneducated people going in group weaponize the report system
2: These people might be actually punished for that (at least)

So please some admin answer me how does this work, so i can send you the match ID.
I've been playing all the evening with Cabrakan in arena, going damage and saying it previously on the lobby, any problem untill i met these 3 guys, that started to insult me and then threatening me to being reported (like they know they are 3 against 1 so they already count that i will be banned). That is abusing the report system. I dont trust the system per se but i trust the people who work behind it, so please take care, i hope whoever work on it know when its a fair report and when is not.