I enjoyed this game a couple years ago and recently downloaded it again on the old and reliable Xbox one, only to be greeted with the 20+ minute queues for an arena game when before i was in a game in under 30 seconds no messing...ranked conquest i'd understand but for arena? really? i am at the point of uninstalling it and giving it the "dead game" classification. Why would anyone want to install smite to play and be given a 20+ minute queue for Arena? people WANT to play the game not be sat down looking at a 2 minute timer to be greeted with the "the system was not able to find a match for you this round. you are the highest priority for the next round" every time and be put back in a queue! nobody is going to want to play the game if queue times are this abysmal. i dread to think what conquest queues are like, i only play arena as didn't wanna be a "liability" not knowing how to play the game and arena is a good way of "learning the ropes again" with the god pool, however with these queue times i might just give up even trying, it's sad really, i liked Smite alot but i don't intend to load a game up to have to wait an obscene amount of time to get into a 15-20 minute game, the queue times are longer than that...R.I.P