whatever the mage you are facing or the mageS you are facing i can give you one tip for free (am an assault player you make me laugh with your conquest 1v1 problem)

mages are simple to kill _ VERY simple (most of them) _ just tease them to nerve them , then of course they will make their combo ... and after that you have something like 6s to kill them _ yeah i said them because in assault you NEVER ever fight 1v1 unless super mega ultra lucky opportunity so *THEM*.

the damages you describe and the cooldowns are those on late game , if you dont have crit = it is you having a problem , cause if a mage with 700dmg scares you , you should be doomed to see hunters or any phy gods dealing 300dmg per hit each 0.5s ... mages' damages are peanuts compares to this

back to scylla and hebo
_scylla = slow execution skills , low hp = easy to kill
_hebo = short range mostly , can be boring but my opinion is 'only ult is dangerous'

the only mages you can do nothing against if played correctly (i dont even say 'well' _ just correctly is enough) are morgan and hades ... i can perhaps add zong but .. no = too short , no dash , no 'special skill' like stealth or silence/stun


there is an item that can silence when hit by magic ability (cdr/rez/dmg+silence as passive)

________tip is here_____▼

the most common problem i see from players having difficulties like you is the way they move :

if you move like this _l_ you are dead
but if you caress the situations in diagonals \_/ you have a better control of the situations , a better view , a better result on landing line skills on moving enemies.try it love it

ps : big up to all those fake answers i've read , just to say "you are not good i am the best but i cant describe you how to improve your style cause after all am just a wannabee only able to to copy/paste like a brainless parrot" _ and let me tell you that i really took time to read your vomit and you say NOTHING but NOTHING .this is brilliant.