I'm really thinking sometimes...Maybe Tahuti should've stay like it use to be.So Hi-rez couldn't do stupid decisions like keep buffing Book of Thoth,Soul reaver and penetration items and broke to Mages into oblivion.
But My main issue in this game 2 BROKEN Mage Hi-rez keep ignoring and making this game such a unbalanced mess.He bo and Scylla.This gods power scale so disgusting thanks to their passives their each damage abilities top damage of most ultis in game.Just example after Full stack Book of thoth Scylla crush hits 900 damage and ulti hits 1.1 k,Hebo other hand his 1 hits 460 in lvl 3 and this ability only have 3 sc cooldown.This gods can hit 1400+ damage after spear of magus,divine ruin and oblivion shard.Also Scylla have both Teleport also Speed boost in her kit ,Hebo slow and speed buff so he can keep poke and run away.İf this isn't broken what it is?

Even as assassin if you can't stunlock them to death He bo and Scylla ult can take %75 of your health.Only way to kill them is cc to death or sacrifice someone to soak damage and try to kill until cooldown is up.I have X rank Scylla and I had fun with her in season 2 but I don't wanna play with her bs she is so boring and I feel like scum.İf you dont believe me just look at Ranked bans.Hunters can eat their hearths out againts Magical scale.Sad thing there is no Stone of Fal for counterbuild this burst damage but doesnt even matter after Stacks are finish.So even building full tank dont do nothing againts this broken gods.

I wonder how much Titan or Hi-rez will sleep and keep this mages unbalanced and broken like this?