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Am I the only one here who plays her support ? Sry if sumone did but think she's much better at this then full dmg just my opinion tho.

Classic full CDR tank build with spear of magus so other mages don't need to get it. Blue boots, amulet/post, sov, BPoV, magus, and which ever other prot item you need. Ie shotguns, gengis, midgardian, switchblade, winged etc etc

All I ask of ppl who play nox is for the love of all that is holy open the team fight with her ulty cuz 40% dmg redux is amazing.
i'm not good at conquest yet and i'm still learning it so i'm not playing support role with non guardian classes yet
even if i do want to go and try it the first thing i'll get when people see me picking nox support is a report
sure i can go in and try and learn but problem comes with people i pick nox support and if i don't do good i'll definitely get a report for either feeding or trolling

i've tried nox support in other modes she works great even with defense items and some dmg items she can still do a lot of dmg and 40% dmg reduction on her ult isn't the only good thing you can pick gem of isolation to slow enemies as her ult deals tick dmg which can help you land your combos easier and help your teammates chase them or well land their combos easier, picking spear of magus and using your 1 to lock an enemy can again help your teammate kill enemies as 1. they will be rooted 2. enemy will have lower protections cuz of spear of magus and your teammates will do more dmg

but again i'm not playing nox support in conquest until i've gotten Atleast decent in that mode or the next thing i know is i've got a ban for trolling in matches :v