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Thread: A way to use boosters after the match instead of before?

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    A way to use boosters after the match instead of before

    I often don't use boosters when playing with randoms as I've found too many people have a tendency to be toxic and I don't want to "reward" someone who may end up flaming, feeding, or AFKing. But very rarely I get to play with a wonderful group of people, and I wish I could thank them with a chest drop or some extra favor or exp without having to party up with them for another match to do so (usually someone has to leave or wants to do a different game mode than the rest). If we had an option to set them off after the match, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    The issue with boosters after a match, is that because the bonuses provided by boosters are a multiplier, it means that you'd get a scenario where people would only use boosters in matches that they've won (Since they'd get more favour/worshippers/experience/fantasy points and thus the booster would have more of an impact)

    Which is just rewarding a team for already having played well, rather than incentivising a team to be nice and play well beforehand because someone was nice and dropped boosters (Or bribing people into silly strats... I've been in several games where someone promised a chest drop booster if we all locked in a Guardian xD)
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