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Thread: +++CABRAKAN, ERLANG, CHAAC and SOBEK Ideas!+++

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    Lightbulb +++CABRAKAN, ERLANG, CHAAC and SOBEK Ideas!+++

    Hello guys, I have some ideas for skins for Cabrakan, Erlang Shen and Chaac, and I genuinely think that they would be good additions to these gods!

    So, an idea for a Cabrakan skin I had is a Football skin, such as a big Linebacker skin. It would be perfect for Cabrakan, given his immense size. His shields could be replaced by those big padded tackling dummies and everything.

    Erlang could have an old colonial farmer skin with a pitchfork, quite similar to the farmer in the American Gothic portrait. Another idea I had could be a 1940's pool (billiards) player with a cue stick or a mafia pool player OR an Olympic pole-vaulter skin.

    My idea for a Chaac skin is for him to resemble Paul Bunyan, with a big axe, wearing plaid, overalls. When he uses his ultimate, trees could pop up around him when he's channeling his ult then when he comes down, he splits the ground in two (aka, the Grand Canyon) idk, something along those lines.

    No skin idea, but possibly a change to his ultimate. I was thinking it'd be cool if his ultimate had an execute and when he got the kill, he literally eats them. I think that would be cool.

    What do you guys think about these ideas? We should try to get them upvoted or something. Erlang NEEDS the love, he has no good skins. The only good skin he has (in my opinion) is his re-color...Let's do it, guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by XxSnootyxX View Post
    Dear Santa ...
    cabra is not a linebacker sorry , no mobility at all , herc or kuz are.

    sobek is a big choice for duels , your changes would upset some players for sure.
    my suggestion : i dont care , just dont make them "exclusive"

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    Quote Originally Posted by FRONTdeQUICHE View Post
    cabra is not a linebacker sorry , no mobility at all , herc or kuz are.
    Cabraken also cannot leap like the Hulk but got a Hulk inspired skin.

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