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Thread: [CONSOLE] Controller settings

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    [CONSOLE] Controller settings

    will you be able to disable acceleration for more control as in Battlefield 1 / V someday?
    Aim assist is too powerful, it will be good to lower its power so that it is usable.
    Sorry for my english, google translation, thanks.

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    nope, smite likes things the way they are...just looking at their they handle trolls...etc...etc
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    Hello, I come back here after several weeks and I see that the community is not very active on the subject, while it is the basis of having a solid gameplay. With the upcoming arrival of the crossplay, more reason to do something for the players joystick. Personally, the acceleration on the game me out through the holes of the nose! Forced to play at 10 to have a goal without delay but the accuracy is less than hit. In short, this is the only way to get closer to a classic target without acceleration. I hope to see a slider on / off in the next update of the game, plus it is certainly quick and easy to do. We are surely many thousands of players waiting for this option, so thank you for doing something for your players!

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