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Thread: I found a site with a item calculator its pretty cool.

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    I found a site with a item calculator its pretty cool.

    I started writing my own damage armor calculator and then thought it didn't seem right so i started googling and i found someone already made one. (though mine did match up why reinvent the wheel)

    This guy made a cool damage calculator / build testing site.
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    Seems to still be a work in progress though, 3 of the recent gods are not there despite the last site update being the 7th of this month and year, also 2 patches back on 5.16.

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    It has issues too, like not allowing Sol to build toxic blade when a I know for a fact she can as I built it last time I played her. I even sent them an email about it a few weeks back, and I see it still hasn't been changed.
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    i'll figure this stuff out the old fashioned way.

    by taking the numbers and doing math to get a rough idea
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