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Thread: Changes that might be interesting to Smite. PT2 Items and Actives

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    Changes that might be interesting to Smite. PT2 Items and Actives

    Changes were mostly made to show trees without a boots tree and crit, but also fill all item trees in updated list with 4 items and less T2 trees so choices were more punishable.


    Health and Physical Protection
    Midgardian Mail
    Nullify - Shuts down extra damage affects from items in area.
    Emperor's Armor

    Health and Magical Protection
    Heartward Amulet
    Bulwark of Hope
    Mystical Mail- Just switches to magical protection -Activates when damaged causing physical and magical damage. Affected by minions

    Physical Protection and Mp5
    Spectral Armor- Reduce Basic Attack Damage by 20%
    Green Armor- Ally towers and phoenixes give 50 Hp5.
    Nemean Lion
    Breastplate of Valor- loses 10% CDR -gives allies movement speed

    Magical Protection and Mp5
    Genji's Guard
    Oni Hunter's Guard
    Shogun's Kusari- Allies have 20% of damage received to be taken by closest ally with Shogun's Kusari
    Hihirokane - Reflect 10% ability damage taken as magical damage

    Health and Protections
    Spirit Robe
    Mantle of Discord
    Magi's Cloak
    Hide of the Urchin- At max stacks take 10% less damage from same enemy within 5 seconds instead of shield

    Health and Hp5
    Stone of Gaia
    Guantlet of Thebes
    Mail of Renewal
    Talaria- Gain 10 Hp5 and 2% MS for enemy attacks stacking 5 times and lasting 10 seconds


    Physical Power and Protections
    Shifter's Shield
    Void Shield
    Gladiator's Shield
    Berserker's Shield brought to T3 with stats and healing 5% max HP no mana return. T2 gives 2% max HP

    Physical Power and Magical Protections
    Runic Shield
    Talisman of Energy- Change health into power, lowering protections for original item/ Attack Speed changes to Hp5 and only working on user. Increases time in lane while being aggressive.
    Svallin- Able to absorb an ability every 90 seconds

    Magical Power and Physical Protections
    Celestial Legion Crown
    Lotus Crown
    Jade Emperor's Crown
    Dynasty Plate Helm- brought to T3 in stats and disarm enemy gods for 1s every 30 seconds after taking physical damage

    Magical Power and Magical Protections
    Void Stone
    Stone of Binding brought to T3 in stats and give more pen, but T2 still gives same affect
    Stone of Fal dropping below 30% HP will cleanse cc and gain 10% MS for 6 seconds
    Soul Gem Increase range of heal and switch lifesteal out for magical defense

    Health and Physical Power
    Frostbound Hammer - reduce slows by 5%
    Runeforged Hammer
    Blackthorn Hammer
    Shield of Regrowth 40 Phys Power 200 HP and 10% CDR

    Health and Magical Power
    Gem of Isolation- No longer slows remove CCR. Reduces damage from other gods by 50% which are not your target. The most recent or closest enemy hit by abilities is the target. This creates an isolated fight between the two gods.
    Ethereal Staff
    Warlock's Sash
    Rod of Asclepius


    AS and MS
    Silverbranch Bow- 10% AS and Power aura. 10% MS instead of Phys Power.
    Ichaivel- MS instead of Pen. Rework passive to go both ways
    Toxic Blade
    Atalanta's Bow- Remove Phys Power and MS from stats. MS gained from passive

    Physical Power and AS
    Qin Sais- Based on Max HP difference
    Odysseus's Bow- Reduce AS by 50%, but do 50% more Basic Damage
    Rage- Taking Damage increases damage by 10% for 5 seconds

    Magical Power and AS
    Demonic Grip
    Telkhines Ring Increase Basic damage by 10% when near other gods, increase AS by 20% when away from other gods
    Rod of Tahuti 2% increased AS for minions killed in area up to 6 lasting 8 seconds. Kills on enemy give full stacks
    Book of the Dead gain a health shield 2% max HP per basic, 20% max. lost after 20 seconds


    Physical Power and Pen
    Brawler's Beatstick
    Jotunn's Wrath- Increase MS and Damage away from allies, Increase Protection and CCR by allies. 10% CDR
    The Crusher- gains 10% CDR and loses AS
    Titan's Bane

    Magical Power and Pen
    Divine Ruin
    Spear of Magus
    Spear of Desolation
    Obsidian Shard

    Physical Power and Lifesteal
    Devourer's Guantlet
    Soul Eater- does not give CDR or mana, but gives and 25% lifesteal on abilities

    Magical Power and Lifesteal
    Doom Orb- Gains Lifesteal instead of mana
    Pythagorem's Piece- Gives more Lifesteal, but no power in aura
    Bancroft's Talon
    Typhon's Fang

    Physical Power and Mana
    Transcendence- only gets 10% CDR when fully stacked
    Hydra's Lament
    Heartseeker- does not return mana
    Malice- 40 Phys Power 200 Mana 10% CDR, Deaths in area lower cooldowns by 1s

    Magical Power and Mana
    Book of Thoth- gains 10% CDR when stacked
    Chronos Pendant- Stats changed to reflect tree
    Polynomicon loses lifesteal and gains more power
    Soul Reaver- based on difference in max HP

    MS-Melee Only

    Health and MS
    Witchblade- remove AS and give Health
    Winged Blade
    Relic Dagger
    Kusanagi- 20% CCR -Gives 5 Magical and Phys Prots for each enemy nearby

    Phys Power and Ms
    Wind Demon- increase movement by 2.5% for every ability on CD
    Stone Cutting Sword
    Masamune- Grants Haste removing Basic Attack Penalty
    Muramasa- 50% basic damage to nearby enemy minions and gods

    Magical Power
    Shaman's Ring
    Hastened Ring- No cooldown on affect
    Poisoned Star- Take 10% less damage from enemy gods which you basic within 5s
    Deathbringer- 25% damage to enemies below 50% HP

    Bumba's- 20% CDR only stat- 20% MS, but take 10% more damage and deal 10% less damage
    Lono's- 20% reduced damage taken, but -10% MS and deal 10% less damage
    Rangda's- 20% increased damage, but -10% MS and take 10% more damage

    Scout- Deals 300+10 per god level to a minion and half to two others, Cooldown is reduced by 5% for each camp cleared. Upgraded shows all gods on map to user for 1 second
    Palladium- Shuts down a tower for 5 seconds making it unable to attack or be attacked, upgraded creates a wall around the tower line which only allies can pass through
    Hand of the Gods Puts a disarm and silence on all gods in area, upgraded banishes all gods in area
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    You touched some of my favorite tank items and ruined my warr and gaurd tank builds including my only nike build that works.

    Stopped reading after that.

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    Which items? I just wanted every item to have a passive and not just be a stat dump. Breastplate of Valor was probably the item wasn't it? Jotunn's Wrath also should be more than a stat dump. If 50% of the matches have BoV it should be changed. Same as Jotunns Wrath on Assassins. It should also be more difficult to max a stat, especially not in two items. Only item which has 20% cooldown is Chronos Pendant and almost want to change that but wouldn't know where to put it. Attack speed also needs to be more difficult to max. No item should have more than 25% attack speed and a lot should have less considering how most auto attack gods have a stim for AS. Why I hate Silverbranch Bow, it makes the game more brainless. Gladiator's Shield and Berserker's shield both show up way too often in solo lane and out of the two Berserker's has been th e more powerful with mana restore. At least say which items trouble you as well otherwise this goes nowhere.

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