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Thread: Stop Racism in Smite!!!

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    Angry Stop Racism in Smite!!!

    I wanted to tell you that I played Smite for a long time and I have not had any problems and this year I played, I noticed that there has been a lot of racism in the game knowing that "latam" players play in "NA".(They are not all), I received many attacks when they saw that I am from "LatAm", and they started insulting me, and my colleagues, insulting "LatAm" and my country, all kinds of insults, also said that we should not play there, that we go to our server, etc.

    This should stop now, since it is constant, and really uncomfortable, I do not know if they care, but for us it does matter.

    Today I went back and I was with my partner who had a "delay" problem (it was not like that, he was at home, he did not delay) and 2 were insulting (I will not say the insults here), all kinds of bad manners, and that's not helped, at the end of the game we lost and ended with all the insult to the chat.

    Here I leave an image and, please, if you can review the complete game, you will see that I am not lying, I could not take pictures in the game because I had to minimize the possibility of opening a program to take a picture , and when I returned we had already lost.

    If you can act against this game, I would appreciate it, and also against the players who attack other players with racism, I expect an answer.

    The player is JigzJr and populate.

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    Thank you!!!
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