I know these topics have plenty of fans and detractors for all sides. My point of this post is to potentially keep that conversation going and who knows, maybe enough folks who think like I do will want the experiment to happen, and will push for this dialogue over time on forums.

So 'Arena Mains' are things. People have 'em. Some like the teamfight aspect of SMITE and the variety of Gods enough to leverage that skill set to compete in quick(ish) queues and despite the unbalanced play (since Gods are balanced around other modes), GOOD players in a somewhat balanced comp can remain highly competitive through to the end of the match.

Period. Those are facts.

Now, creating Ranked Arena needs to assume a few things, notably that:

1. God balance outside of the mode, and skill adapting to that balance (whether it's a positive or negative balance effect) is part of being good at Ranked
2. Trolls will be penalized, people should take it somewhat serious. If you want to truly screw around (I mean throw a match, not experiment with a new approach), you should go to unranked. Sames as other modes (to some extent, not including CQ where people still expect everyone to be top notch).
3. Queue times might be weird - not sure what the appeal would be but, what's the harm in experimenting?

Post over. Not rocket science.
C'mon Hi-Rez. People dig Arena but it's getting shat on by epeens that think you can be ranked and screw around in Arena and your crappy performance is funny to everyone, cause ur so good at other modes.

Show us your good at competitive Arena!

PS - I don't care that the game is balanced around CQ. There are enough Arena mains who mix up their build and God picks to make it very interesting.