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    Tarpeia, the Betrayer

    Pantheon: Roman
    Role: Assassin
    Class: Melee, Physical

    (Not my image; credit goes to MarioTeodosio on DeviantArt)

    In SMITE, Tarpeia is an assassin who truly excels in her role, because she benefits most from being up close and personal with her enemies. Though she has some CC to help her out, she falls behind if she cannot reliably land basic attacks, so an aggressive but cautious playstyle is necessary. Stay close, but stay wily so you can kill your enemy before they kill you.


    History is written by the good guys. But the line between good and evil is so thin, that it is almost too easy to cross. Anyone can fool themselves into thinking they're doing the right thing. Mortals live, and thrive, in this blurred, perpetually gray space.

    No one knows this better than Tarpeia. Daughter of the Roman commander Spurius Tarpeius, she was a Vestal Virgin who was sworn to uphold purity and light in everything she did. When the Romans and the Sabines went to war, however, Tarpeia had to support her father; what other choice did she have? The Romans were the good guys. But soon, they crossed that infamous line. Late in the night, the Sabinian women were kidnapped from their camp. Tortured. Raped. Murdered. All by the Romans, Spurius Tarpeius among them, who thought they were doing the right thing because they believed themselves better than the Sabines.

    Tarpeia could not stand for such injustice. If she was the last good guy in all of Rome, then so be it. She vowed to do the right thing, even if it meant going against her father. Even if it meant going against Rome, and her duties as a servant of the goddess Vesta. Tarpeia stole into the Sabines camp, with the intent of allowing the Sabines into Rome so they could exact their righteous revenge against the men who defiled their women. But when Tarpeia was brought before the Sabinian king, Titus Tatius, she too crossed that line.

    She found herself overwhelmed by greed. Each Sabinian soldier in her presence was adorned with a solid gold bracelet twirling up their left arms. Tarpeia suddenly thought herself a businesswoman; she would need compensation, something to support herself after she lost her father's money once she was outed as a traitor. In exchange for access to Rome, Tarpeia greedily demanded that the soldiers give her what they wore on their left arms. Titus Tatius agreed, and once Tarpeia sold her city out, the soldiers kept their promise: they took their shields, which they wore on their left arms, and threw them upon Tarpeia, crushing her beneath their weight. The Sabines did not take kindly to traitors.

    The line between good and evil is so easily crossed. Tarpeia believed herself a good guy, but was corrupted by greed in the final moments of her life, and it cost her dearly. Meanwhile, the Roman men she sought to betray were never punished for their actions, as the Sabinian invasion was stopped by the god Janus. This enraged Tarpeia's spirit, and she has long festered in the afterlife, harboring a great resentment against Rome and her gods. For you see, Tarpeia still believes herself the last good guy in Rome. And with the incitement of Ragnarok, doors have opened that allow Tarpeia to walk the mortal coil once more.

    History is written by the good guys. And Tarpeia will make sure that this time, it is by her hand that it will be written.


    Health: 460 (+80)
    Mana: 240 (+42)
    Movement Speed: 370
    Attack Range: 12
    Attack Speed: 1.2 (+3%)
    Attack Damage: 41 (+2.5) + 100% of physical power
    Attack Progression: None
    Physical Protections: 12 (+2.9)
    Magical Protections: 30 (+0.9)
    HP5: 9 (+0.7)
    MP5: 4.3 (+0.4)

    Passive: Fall From Grace

    Tarpeia tempts enemy gods around her to defect, casting out malicious energy around her in an aura. Enemy gods standing within the aura have Temptation increasingly stacked on them, allowing Tarpeia to deal more damage against them depending on how Tempted they are. Tarpeia's basic attacks will also stack Temptation. If an enemy god reaches full Temptation, they are made to attack the nearest enemy god for 5 seconds. If an enemy god leaves the aura, half of the Temptation stacks are removed immediately, and the other half disappear after 5 seconds of no refreshing.

    Aura Radius: 20
    Temptation Per Aura Pulse: 2 stacks per second
    Temptation Per Basic Attack: 1 stack
    Max Temptation Stacks: 70
    Bonus Temptation Damage: 0.5% per stack

    First Ability: Corruptive Greed

    While this ability is toggled on, Tarpeia's knives become infused with corruptive power, increasing her basic attack damage and the amount of Temptation that these attacks deal to enemy gods. Mana is consumed per basic attack.

    Ability Type: Toggle
    Basic Attack Damage Increase: 7/9/11/13/15
    Temptation Stack Increase: 2/2/3/3/4
    Cooldown: 0 seconds
    Mana Cost: 5/10/10/10/15 per basic attack

    Second Ability: Womanly Wiles

    Tarpeia lures enemy gods toward her.

    Ability Type: Cone Taunt
    Range: 15
    Cooldown: 14 seconds
    Mana Cost: 50/55/60/65/70

    Third Ability: Sabinian Shadows

    Tarpeia melts into the shadows, becoming stealthed for a duration and dealing damage in an area around her when she emerges from her stealth. The stealth ends either when its duration is up or when Tarpeia attacks. Tarpeia may not use Womanly Wiles while stealthed.

    Ability Type: AoE
    Stealth Duration: 4/4/5/5/6 seconds
    Emergence Damage: 100/130/160/190/210 (+70% of physical power)
    Damage Radius: 15
    Cooldown: 16 seconds
    Mana Cost: 65/65/70/70/75

    Ultimate: Dogpile

    Tarpeia summons forth the shields that crushed her, and casts them forth in a continuous line. Enemy gods caught in the barrage are damaged per shield hit, and rooted and crippled for as long as they are being hit. Tarpeia may move freely while channeling this ability, and can cancel it at any time. If an enemy god is killed with this ability, Tarpeia receives extra gold.

    Ability Type: Line Channel
    Shields Thrown: 1 per second
    Damage: 80/90/100/110/120 (+30% of physical power) per shield
    Shields: 3/3/3/4/4
    Bonus Gold: 50/80/110/140/170
    Cooldown: 80 seconds
    Mana Cost: 120

    Creator's Notes

    So Tarpeia isn't exactly the most well-known figure from Roman mythology. In fact, I just sort of happened to stumble upon her story by accident. And although it's not exactly the most detail-oriented story, I still thought it was pretty cool, so I decided to make it into a concept.

    This is my first concept in quite a while, so I'm definitely a little rusty here. Tried to make the numbers as balanced as I could, but obviously since I'm not a professional, they won't be perfect. It's the abilities that count, anyway. And, admittedly, Tarpeia's aren't very damage-y. That's not the point of her character. She's very much an auto-based assassin, and in order to play her effectively, you have to stay up close so you can stack that Temptation.

    Hastened, then, is definitely a good idea on her, as is attack speed. You'll also want to level Corruptive Greed as much as you can, because if you max that and achieve 2 attack speed, you can get your enemy to full Temptation stacks in just 10 seconds. And you want to stack Temptation as much as you can, because it'll help you shred down your opponent easy-peasy.

    Tarpeia is also one of those rare assassins that can actually function in a teamfight as well. You can use Womanly Wiles to lure the priority target closer to your allies, then use Dogpile to keep them in place while your teammates go to town on them (but be careful, because Dogpile is a channeling ability, so you don't want to get caught while still channeling it). And yes, Womanly Wiles cannot be used while you're stealthed from Sabinian Shadows, because it would be incredibly unfair if you were able to taunt people while stealthed. However, you can activate Corruptive Greed while stealthed, which is very handy. If you build Hydra's, you can make a very grand entrance coming out of stealth, dealing a whole lot of damage all at once with your emergence damage, your boosted basic attacks, and the supplementary Hydra's damage.

    As for her passive, because I know this will likely be a question that comes up -- if there are no enemy gods within attacking range when max Temptation is reached, the enemy god in question will just kind of attack thin air. The point is, though, that you would ideally like to activate Temptation on the enemy hunter or assassin when there's a group or teamfight going on.

    All in all, Tarpeia is meant for those aggressive players out there, who enjoy being very much up in their enemies' faces. Her kit gives you an excuse to be as close as you can, as much as you can. But be warned: that's a very fine line you're walking. You're close enough to mince up your enemies, sure, but one slip-up, and you're also close enough to become fresh meat.
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