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Thread: 5.18 | Change & Choices PTS Issues Thread

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    5.18 | Change & Choices PTS Issues Thread

    Hey everyone!

    PTS for Update 5.18 - Change & Choices is LIVE for the weekend!

    You can find the full Update Notes here.

    Please post any bugs or issues found from PTS in this thread. Also, feel free to leave any feedback you have about any of the latest God and item changes!

    For instructions on how to download and participate in the PTS visit this link.

    Known Issues

    • Missing textures are present on the "Play" screen and the Conquest map
    • Gods are not listed in alphabetical order on the God select screen
    • Oni Chernobog textures and materials disappear after using Living Nightmare

    September 27th Update


    Volcanic Lightning

    • Pele's Basic Attack Damage is reduced by 50% while under the effect of this ability.

    Thanks so much for helping us test all the new changes coming to SMITE!

    See you on the Battleground.
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    Clan Listings under the Social tab are broken.

    No matter what Join Type or Region you choose, you get the same list.

    No matter if you have Recommended Only checked or unchecked, you get the same list.

    The only way anything on the list changes is if I click the Play button then change Preferred Region.

    Whatever key binding is set for Toggle Map Overlay, it does nothing.

    Recurring Daily Rewards.

    I login and get a daily of 75 favor. After about 10-20 seconds, Rewards are marked again, I click and get the next Daily Reward of 125.

    This keeps cycling without stopping going through all the dailies then restarts at 75 Favor.

    I also get this if I GOTO the Odyssey then back to the main screen.

    Still showing second Jungle map listing under Training that goes back to main screen.

    This link also explains why there needs to be a future PTS regarding Joust/Duel.
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