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Thread: What happened to smites in-game community?

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    What happened to smites in-game community?

    (If you don't like rants and don't mind smites toxicity then don't read)
    So i have been playing this game for about three years now. I used to LOVE smite and played it ALL the time, spent money on it, got excited about getting new skins etc. Now the idea of spending a dime on this game in my mind is a joke. Why? Because the game seems to have gotten at least 90% more toxic sense i first started playing it. I am not even being hyperbolic here.
    Besides the 321083012 problems this game has, the toxicity has gotten so BAD that muting people does not even work because people will ping spam you/me instead of being able to BM the hell outta me in chat because they know i have them muted. I have to be DND for the entire time my smite client is up because people will PM me after games BMing me. It's SO bad that i just got out of a game where a player used A TON of boosters and nobody said thanks, so i did, and in return i got laughed at in lobby then BM'd when the game started LOL, i mean really, is THAT what's good in smite now??? It is literally taboo to be nice in smite or you get made fun of. It's like playing with demons every game who feed off negative reactions.
    I guess there's a reason i see the same people often in my games, because sane people are leaving this horror scene.
    As a result i am done with smite.
    I firmly believe smite has the most toxic community in online gaming or moba's, and its sad because its such a good game. Hirez will not get another dime out of me. Also the MM is horrible beyond belief.
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