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Thread: Hi-Rez doesn't care about, and even encourages, cyber-bullying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirPapouille View Post
    That is exactly the kind of thought that legitimates the toxicity. If you defend yourself, you're part of the problem. So even when you're the victim of bullying, you're in the wrong. There is no hope for this community at all.
    There never will be a community in pvp where you hold hands! It's a game of competition and PVP dude, people will always be toxic and negative. If you can't take a beating, then perhaps this is not the game for you. PVP games are not about kumbaya singing near a campfire, it's fighting and killing! Haven't you played PVP in MMOs before? We all talk trash! It's part of the game culture. Remember it's a game, don't take it so seriously, if you do then you are better off playing Township.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tilk2006 View Post
    Mute him? And dude, I wanna make a ticket every day, cause I meet toxic, rasists or some dirty players... But only one stop me - DEV make job, they hard work. If I will create tickets for ruiners, toxic, etc, I will steal the time of DEV, what they can be spending for real work. So I just use reports or Mutes.

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    Clearly you didn't read the part where I said those who harassed me reported me for harassment and I received a warning message for multiple reports of harassment.

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