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Thread: Evolved items

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    Evolved items

    Can they please not have a separate page all on their own when you click on an evolved item?
    Good example is that I often build book of thoth as one of my first items and then soul reaver as my last item.
    Often times it would help if I would be able to click on the now-evolved book of thoth and be able to see the Book trea (soul reaver, thoth, etc).

    I'll try to get a screenshot if I can, but hopefully people know what I'm talking about.
    Same thing I've seen with hunter- build dev gauntlet but it evolves so you have to search for bloodforge if you want to build into it instead of being able to click on evolved devourer's gauntlet to instantly access the tree.

    I know it kinda sounds weird but tbh this would be a QOL for increasing speed at which you buy items which then translates to slightly less time spent in base, especially if it's you going back and then a teamfight breaking out and you need to get there asap.

    It almost feels more of a bug than anything, but since it happens every time, I'm not posting it in bug reports.

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    I personally wish that the custom slots had a 6x6 layout were i could put different / more goto builds or items.
    I typically start with a build then turn off it off and ussually have what i want in the custom slot.
    Sometimes id like to have a bunch of goto stuff there in no particular build though for when im counter picking.

    Like i actually put a couple builds in order going down the custom list one or two. The rest is typically for general goto counter pick items. They don't follow the named rows at all. Need more space.
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    Well there is a special way to use God Builder.

    Put one item of any tree into a slot. Do this with one item of every tree available to a god, you should get all but maybe 1.

    Then you go into a match and click once the one item to see the whole tree.

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    I actually wouldn't mind what the OP is suggesting myself. It's annoying, not game breaking or anything but would be a good QoL change imo.

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