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Thread: The Matchmaking is Terrible and games Crash Constantly

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    The Matchmaking is Terrible and games Crash Constantly

    The matchmaking and overall performance of the game is god awful. You cant even go one match without getting disconected resulting in a ban. (which gets rid of your chance at getting any commendation rewards.) It is terrible and needs to be fixed. I have put a lot of hours into this game and I would actually like to play instead of getting banned for hours and hours because your servers dont work.

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    I will say this as I have in many other posts

    Smite/Hi-Rez, as far as I know, uses a Partial Server/Peer to Peer connection.

    What this means is that yes there are servers that host the game, once you are in a match, it relies more on the connection you and the other players have

    this is why even with good internet you can suffer from lag, because others in the match have poor internet quality
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