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Thread: Refusing to work w/ team.

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    Refusing to work w/ team.

    I know it isn't a ban-able offense to not work with the rest of the team. But why do people do it? Like if everyone else agrees to do some kind of objective or strategy (defending x lane, focus x person, etc.), why does that one person feel the need to VVN or say something like "idc"? Do these people not want to win/work with others? If so, why are they even playing a team game? Why don't they just go and play Pac Man or something? I really don't understand their logic on playing a team game but not working with the team.

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    Ego mostly.

    That and no willingness to adapt or change.

    It's the "Solo Carry" mentality. Whereby players will want their entire team to just play to facilitate them so they can do everything and win the game themselves.

    The same mentality that means that people also don't counterbuild, but rather stick with their same build paths game in and game out irregardless of comps (Or even game modes). Instead of putting themselves out of the spotlight to improve their teams chances of winning (Such as picking up anti-heal at the cost of a more potent damage item. Or by getting some defences to counteract a specific threat) they just try and brute force through everything and hope that their team does all that stuff for them.

    As for why they don't just play a single player game instead?

    Likely just because of the ego boost of beating human opponents. Getting the game to tell them "You're more skilled than these 5 people" when they win and have a good KDA feeds into their ego and perpetuates the aforementioned thought processes (You go 31/0 in a game that's a complete stomp and that means that when you're 0/10 5 minutes into another game that your team just sucks right?)

    Also, as far as I'm aware, not working with the rest of a team is a bannable offence. As it's toxic behaviour that is outright detrimental to other players of the game, especially since it's a team game. As they say, team work makes the dream work. Lone wolfing it is essentially on the same level as intentional feeding.
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    In my online gaming experience, I have seen several.

    1 - Drunk. Literally, some people play drunk so do not really care what they do.

    2 - Trolling, sometimes through alt accounts. Had a Siege match recently where a Da Ji with us did not communicate, just ran around doing whatever she wanted. Initially started in lane with my Discordia but then left for the other lane with our Athena and Skadi leaving me to get wrecked by Anhur and Scylla. After that, Da Ji seemed mainly interested in going wherever the enemy was not, the 3 of us tried getting her to talk but nothing. We had no choice but to F6.

    3 - Throwing matches for dumb reasons. I once had a Joust match where my 2 allies were in a party and did not like my choice of Guardian. They said if you do not choose Cerberus you're a loser and proceeded to feed the enemy intentionally. About a month ago, had a Assault match with a 2 player party on our team who intentionally fed the enemy and trolled chat, after the match they went off on racist commentary.

    4 - Foul moods at match start sometimes for no understandable reason. Had a Joust match today with my Nox, a Hachiman and Bastet. For no reason I could see, Hachiman started getting foul about LATAM and Russian players on NA server. I am neither and saw nothing to indicate Bastet was either, Bastet did use comms though not much. Soon as 10 minutes happened, Hachi wanted to F6 so I said yes because I was tired of him.

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    LOL yes some people do play drunk or high. Well as Relanah put it, it really is ego, and usually most of them are men. Most female players are usually super nice, except me because I'm a biach lol. And some do it for comedy and sometimes they are funny. For example this player in Arena on the opposite team made me laugh so hard because all he/she did was played Awilix and jumped up and down and ran away in circles riding her panther, and nobody couldn't catch her. I was in tears dying, but I know their team was really upset and more likely reported, but I thought it was funny as hell LOL.
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    Just played 8 games in a row, on both PC and PS4, found every single game I lost because either one person or two were partied, had no other comms with players, and VGS spammed you rock cancel, that as they dropped kills they chased and fed. All game, every game. Why are people so blind to the fact that this is multiplayer and requires communication, as well as some sort of mental stability to play? I'm only plat in joust but jeez the thick skulls on some of these kids playing smite these days, I miss season 3.

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