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Thread: Golden Blade

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    Golden Blade

    I really didn't want to see this item return to the game. We will again see an influx of AA assassins rising to the meta with their absurd clear potential. This item will become a mandatory pick to clear jungle camps efficiently, and I'm extremely unhappy they took the movement speed away from heartseeker. Heartseeker should have stayed because ability junglers will now have a harder time rotating around the map and being able to burst efficiently. Questionable change for sure, but we'll manage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NinGangsta View Post
    We will again see an influx of AA assassins rising to the meta with their absurd clear potential.

    2200g to be still worse than what Ability Assassins get to do for free...

    At best, it's going to make Arachne/Baka/Kali actually pickable, IF you can get past that 2.2k gold worth of absolutely trash clear and not get invaded tf.

    Otherwise, Ability based Assassins, Warriors and even Guardians can insta-clear camps with 1 ability and a couple of basics from level 1 and without having to buy a specific item (Bearing in mind that the aforementioned Assassins already need to get Hastened Katana and Qin's Sais before they can actually contribute) will transition into 1 shotting camps with a single ability pretty quickly.

    That is, until Ability based or Hybrid Assassins/Warriors get the item nerfed because they find a way to abuse it (Such as Mercury cleaving his standard One-Punch-Man crits. Bellona cleaving off her cleaves while she cleaves with her cleave using her Bludgeon... Erlang Shen and double proc cleaves with Berserker's Shield giving ridiculous sustain. Ravana getting to super charge his passive shield with cleave basics with his recent change to get stacks per target hit...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by NinGangsta View Post
    I really didn't want to see this item return to the game. We will again see an influx of AA assassins rising to the meta with their absurd clear potential.
    People are not going to spend 2200g to make their clear better. People keep forgetting that the whole issue with Golden Bow was that they just moved a T3's passive to a T2 item for half the price with no other changes, this is no longer the case.

    If Supports with Focus Shoes as their only damage can easily kill jungle camps by themselves, I don't think AA-assassins will need to go Golden Blade. Besides, jungle camps were made super squishy coming into S5, they are the absolute last thing in the game you would ever need item assistance in killing.

    And even about AA-assassin clear; Kali has two abilities to clear a camp, one of them already good enough, Nemesis has AA-cancels and Slice & Dice, Bakasura has devour to execute big jungle creeps and his passive for better clear, Merc has passive and Made You Look, Arachne has her great heal, passive, and babies to tank for her, etc. etc. You aren't going to see this item in the jungle.
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