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Thread: Golden Blade

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goobis View Post
    Nobody does, its pointless.

    The only one that would need it is Xbal, but Xbal can just perma-toggle his 1 with Hunters Blessing. You could make the argument for Arachne but she has her babies to draw aggro and her heal for sustain. The best case scenario is assassin-solo, but you don't want an assassin in the solo lane with the current meta as it is, so the item really isn't doing anybody any favors.
    Pretty much. It's really only encouraging a very niche playstyle that isn't the best and requires a team to be built to supplement what they give and don't have that the meta solo picks have which can be very detrimental.

    only outstanding use I can see with it is merc memeing with it again
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    No-one really NEEDS it.

    Some gods can still use it though.
    Would you say its the best first item for anyone? Cause I can see crusher competing with it for clear even a God like Kali.

    But honestly, it's actually pre-first item that clear is important.
    Exactly, I mean who has trouble clearing when they have one item? Also its more expensive then boots and has less power soooo....

    Thus, the item isn't actually that good. Outside some silly interactions against idiots that stack up on each other so things like Merc's Made You Look or Baka's ult that deal AoE basic attack damage can multi-cleave against gods (Since every target hit by the skill/attack will cleave to all targets around them. Meaning if you hit 3 people all clumped up, they all take the initial hit and 2 cleaves and take essentially double damage)
    Yeah but still you get it after you have built considerable damage already. I could see myself getting it for merc but I would have 3 crit items before it. And Baka hitting 2-3 Gods with his ult can actually happen even against players who are not total derps. But he already has cleave sorta so you could just build a crit item instead and it would probably benefit more?

    Also, why they really could have just added like 30% cleave on jungle camps to Ass Blessing and that'd worked. Since that would boost basic attack focused gods a little bit while those that clear mostly by just using an ability would be largely unaffected.
    That would upset the whole meta. Faster clear for all junglers, those without AoE chain would be slightly favored of course as those with aoe hit chain clear out the smaller creeps while hitting the large one anyway. And Kali would still be the slowest.
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