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Thread: 3- mage arena comps - why so frequent now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MemphisMiles View Post
    It's like since the last patch there's been this consistency of 3-mage locks on a team. It's ruining the team fight balance (what little there was). I understand 2 hunters or 2 mages. Even 2 sins but 3 mages is frequently leaving 2 front liners or worse 1, with little backup besides squishies feeding a Loki or Ne Zha.

    Anyone else experiencing this and finding it aggravating?

    Do you want to know why? It's obvious by looking at the "balanced" gamemode ... If you can get farm (spooling in arena) then that opens a whole world of damage dealers especially burst. This meta favors this so guess what has happened this season, people are playing high damage/burst gods because even prots or frontlines are only so good at tanking the dmg. I literally just tell people to spread out in Arena so the tank has no choice but to pick someone and once he starts to initiate everyone collapses from the sides. It's also the same reason it's so hard to seige in conquest because the burst potential in a couple cc cds times you're deleted it's that simple. So yeah, i used to play ALOT of guardians and warriors but find myself NOT wanting to play frontline because you are useless in this meta in arena especially in the first few levels where you have next to no prots and just get ate up especially with early pressure gods like your not even there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Relanah View Post

    That's 840 +150%
    So you need like 800 power to kill a mage? And you used your taunt? Meaning your backline is open for their team? Sounds way riskier to me then landing a 2 with herc.

    To add I don't think herc is top of the list, athena and herc both cannot be there cause they are countered by odin ult. Xing, Cerb, baccus are only ones with this strength. However Kumba can sleep odin on jump in so he gets special mention, but both athena and herc will end up in the ult even if they cc odin. And if the pick is risky vs an Odin pick it is not a good arena pick.

    It's like since the last patch there's been this consistency of 3-mage locks on a team. It's ruining the team fight balance (what little there was).
    Cause it owns solo tank lineups which is all ppl play these days.

    5. It's challenging to set up when you are the only tank that has cc
    Yes and even more so when you are the only pick with good cc. That is the times I suggest the picks I did cause they have enough cc alone to maybe work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RockerBaby View Post
    So you need like 800 power to kill a mage?
    If you want to ONLY use your combo and no basic attacks, you need ~600 power to 100%-0% a Mage (Average mage health is 1600-1800 at level 20)

    If you add in 3 basics (Without using her passive) you're looking at around 260-280 power to take out a level 20 mage.
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