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Yeah there are a number of players who refuse to tank for reasons.
To be fair, they don't make playing tank particularly rewarding in this game.

Between being expected to buy auras, lack of "Fun" stats such as CDR on many items, the fact that come mid-late game you can find yourself being wholly underwhelming with little output (So you rely so heavily on your allies doing everything for you) while still being shredded in seconds (Thanks percent penetration, you're so great and make the game so fun /s)

Not even talking about the low farm prioritization that you get as a tank so you get items and levels slower than everyone else... (While often needing to get 3 items online before you can really do much in a teamfight. Boots, Phys prots and Mag prots. With health also being something you want too but a luxury not always possible to build for... While damage dealers only need to care about one type of penetration to undo a large portion of that...)

In addition to being the person who's expected to die if it means the rest of your team survives... Meaning more time spent respawning, less time getting experience and gold etc...

It's no wonder that people tend to favour the carry roles or when they're forced to pick Warrior/Guardian they build them for damage. Tanking in Smite just isn't very fun.

I say this as someone who mains tanks in EVERY other game that facilitates it, but can barely stand playing the role here in Smite.