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I'd honestly be more scared of what happens if the enemy Jungler decides to start at Nox's speed buff than any of that.

Since, what's she gonna do?

She needs her 2 to actually deal with the camp, but it won't one-shot it. Which combined with how it won't do anything to stop the enemy jungler wailing on your face until you back out means their jungle starts getting ahead because they take your camps and their own camps and there's nought you can do about it.
Arguably Agni can jungle clear better then her and gank as jungler better then her since 2>1 stuns. Oh one other thing in Clash I was at 5% health as Xing Tian and a Nox ulted at me. She missed but she hit the wall beside me with the animation visibly touching m yet...I got no damage from it. apparently the explosion on the ult is tiny so I survived