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Thread: I'm done with you Hi-Rez

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    Thumbs up I'm done with you Hi-Rez

    I will not write, dear Hi-Rez.

    I'm tired of your game. Earlier I had a good time and is a failure for me at the moment. You really can not fix something so as not to f**k up a hundred other things? With each next patch, you take one step forward and 3 step back. I do not know how it is with other users, but 90% of my matches is that one person comes out (no matter what team) and the whole game is over. Continuous disconnection from servers, constant toxic kids, continuous exit from the game. In this topic, I will post a couple of youtube videos showing your beloved community. You praise that you have improved matchmaking. Bulls*it. I am on level 109 and on normal conquest I get people who NEVER GOT JUNGLER. I am skipping children who accuse the whole team of being sucked. After all, everyone knows and see it, but nobody does anything about it.

    So maybe I'll start with your work. I understand that by introducing patches into the game there may be errors but for God's sake, do something with it on a regular basis and do not enter one patch every month. Patch 5.14 - broken chat in the lobby, no one could communicate with each other. Patch 5.15 - some still do not have chat, plus a plucky frame when loading the game. Is it really a lot to throw in a small patch and not wait a month? Companies like Blizzard are able to mobilize and drop a patch without spoiling servers for the day.

    New gods: why do you have PTS servers? In general, you draw conclusions from what is happening there, or rather you look at it and clap in your hand how people are having fun? The baron was so unbalanced that it was impossible to play for three weeks. Pour the voices of people who have no fun as a god kills them with two skills. It is important that cash for god pack agree. Now let me paste my post, which I threw earlier.

    Ranking system. I know that the topic is touched all the time. I'll add my three cents. In my opinion, it's absurd (I'm talking about conquest) that you can not be in the group during ranked matches. I want to play my rank matches with friends and you are taking this away from me. Why? Because someone else will lose? This is not my problem, it is a game and sometimes you have to reckon with a loss. If someone can not set up a team, it's also his problem. What are the clans for if you can not play ranked matches together?

    The next thing is divisions. In my opinion, it is logical that if I am in gold V I fight with gold V. Not with platinum, not with gold I only with gold V. Where do you get the idea to make life difficult for people? If you are in a given division, then fight in it and slowly go up. It's not fair enough that platinum people are beating with gold. Someone is weak? Bad luck, will fall or stay in the same division. Someone is good and wins every match? It will go to the new division and check if he can get lucky there. It's a bit of a punishment for a good game. If you play well, we will throw you into a division that you can not handle.

    And I will mention one more thing. You have some mistake when it comes to players' experience. At level 109, I have 90,000 to get to 110. My friend is 116 and needs 30,000 to hit the level. Well done, bravo ...
    I'm finishing my scribble, do something with this game because it's a misunderstanding. In a few hours I edit the story and put you in videos of matches.

    I do not greet and not see you in the game

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    Same exactly thing for me..Since updated matchmaking i am thinking to quit and i quit it today....Enough is many noobs,unskilled feeders ,troll and toxic trashes who don't deserve to play on coop games not even think about playing on PVP....From patch to platch they destroyed the game..i started 2015 games were competative and fun same skill lvl almost every game.,,Now joust 0 ,all other map 1 2 feeder or afk or some nutball who has 0 10 2 15 every game...They dont now anything dont ward dont know to build gods to close a game...TORTURE

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    I completely absolutely agree with you. I am not a pro player, I am not an amazing player, but I do my best as a supp and mid laner and all I see is extremely toxic players (mostly in Brazil server), constant afks who do not come back at all and the eternal never ending unbalancing of gods. What is the point of having a PTS to not make a single change in the end. The difference in damage between some gods is actually embarrassing. You always see the same picks every single time and because of that there is no possibility of trying a non broken god.

    Smite is dying, and devs cannot tell otherwise. If there were enough people to play, there wouldn't exist this disparity of level. And, the new queue system is a joke. Mutiqueue was the only good thing they have done for a while.

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    balance will never exist in a moba game, there are always going to be characters that are under powered or over powered
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