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Thread: Match failed to load? Kicked back to main menu? Here's what you do:

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    Buenas tardes, hoy en dia desde que subieron este foro ultimo de el error al intentar iniciar en una partida han puesto dos parches fuera del ya normal que viene los martes no tan pesados pero aun no solucionan el grave error que prolonga al no login a la partida ... Cuanto en promedio tardaran en darse cuenta y corregir aquellas cosas y no lo que pueda genenrar una compra de un absurdo aspecto , en lo personal se me hace muy malo que tengan en cuenta mas unas skins que la jugabilidad de sus mienbros de la comunidad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blancmark View Post
    Sadly there's not a whole lot you can do aside from exiting Smite entirely, and restarting/relogging into Smite, then it should reconnect. At least, it did for me.

    If it doesn't for you, then sadly all I can advise is to wait it out and not play Smite for a while. It took around 2-3 months before it was more stable for me, and I didn't really do anything aside from playing other games for a while.

    HiRez/TitanForge doesn't acknowledge the issue anyway. Here's to hoping everyone's Smite stability issues resolve themselves soon.
    I found the solution: they simply change the language to English that worked for me the Brazilian guy takes the credits
    encontre la solucion: simplemente cambian el idioma a ingles eso me funciono el tipo brasilero se lleva los creditos

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