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Thread: Sick and tired of Loki Everygame I'm in....

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    Sick and tired of Loki Everygame I'm in....

    so I usually play smite on Xbox everyday sometimes as long as 6 hours or more.... every game I play there is always a loki on the enemy team.... and every team that has a loki on it always wins...

    how is it fair one god can determine who can win and who will lose.... now all you will say blah blah loki is easy loki is easy counter... no he's not...

    beads suck as they don't counter him neither does any items and if I build defence on a mage then I do no damage....

    I'm always looking every second on the minimap to see where he is I'm always scared to leave my tower

    one god shouldn't have this much power... one god shouldn't be able to make a whole team guaranteed win...

    call me a cry baby or w.e I don't care but I'm actually willing to quit smite just because of Loki... the moment I see him in the loading screen I'm just like "oh here we go we lost" then in the first 5 mins he's running around with like 5 kills already...

    now if I see a loki I just quit and play another game then come back when the match is over... loki has no counter to his stealth...

    what they should do is make wards reveal ALL gods in stealth... pull them right out of stealth... that will be the best counter to all these invisible gods especially loki...

    and don't say no it's to op to do that it's not... a ward SHOULD reveal all people in stealth as standard game mechanic.

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    he's a pub stomper. the biggest mistake u can make is trying to counter him by playing his game aka glass cannon. wards help but you will need a decent amount across the map which I find never happens in normal conquest. communication needs to be good. again comms suck in normal on xbox. sooo it's basically down to counter building him. he's what I call a double active burner. there's a few gods in the game that u will literally need to pop both beads n aegis to libe thru. rule # 1 against loki if your the squishiest target you will need to build sum defense, and it will need to be early if he's the jungler. if he's solo then u MIGHT get away with a mid game def item. my 3 go to items are dynasty plate helm, spirit robe and BPoV. if u can keep him from snow balling it's a win. it sucks I know but counter building is the name of the game. it's like playing against herc u need to build antiheal it sucks but it makes him ALOT easier to kill. persobally if I'm a mage against a loki I love to go full on old skool dirty bubble build. cdr boots, BPoV, urchin, ob shard/magus, spirit robe/magi's or both and throw a reaver in there. yes u don't do boat loads of dmg but lemme tell ya it's hilarious if the loki keeps ulting you and he does next to no dmg.

    the biggest problem are the better lokis who realize this then go n farm ur hunter or jungler or the mage if ur either of those. there's a few counter loki gods u can play that can win against him with full glass cannon. I prefer arachne bad jungler tho atm. kali can for all intents shut him down too but again bad jungler. zhong is a beast against him. hunters I'd have to go with hou yi mark him he can't go invis, ulty urself preventive measure, leap and hangout above for a while, izzy can just invissy his invissy. cherno hide in the wall or ulty and hangout and if need be pick him and get ur mitigation and xbal isn't bad with his dash escape and ulty to blind him.

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