So, I've seen a bunch of people complaining that smite didn't transcend the mortal problems of MM with a single change. First off, let me say, a multiplayer game will never have perfect matchmaking. Its impossible. Between traffic times, variables in time played on certain gods and Against certain gods, even better players can have bad matches.

I will say that mm isn't the best I have ever seen, and can still progress in a better direction to a degree. I have played LoL, CsGo, HotS, Planetside 2, skyforge pvp, Ffxiv pvp, paragon, Splatoon 2, Destiny 1&2 pvp, the list goes on and on. I'm sure MANY of other people have done the same, and have gotten shit matches before. This is a problem that has existed before smite, and will continue probably long after smite shuts down.

However, that being said, MM HAS gotten better. I still get garbage games, but now, they're much more fleshedbout between them. I can play 5-6 games in a night with a buddy, and maybe have one match that felt lost before it began (looking at you, ranked match with Vulcan support, and jungle going 0/7 by the 5 minute mark). Since the Que times update, I have been having fun for the most part. That is something that was hard to come by for a while.

So, while I get people want better MM, let's be happy with the improvements we have gotten, and lighten up a bit.