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Thread: Praise and Demigod ideas

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    Praise and Demigod ideas

    The Smite community has always been something I've been in love with. Probably one of the most tolerable and helpful communities I've experienced in a MOBA. That being said, sometimes having Praise, or influence in a community isn't necessarily a bad thing. We all know that gamers are sometimes hard-headed, tend to do their own thing when they play, but they also have a tendency to listen to those who they feel like they have a reason to.

    I've experienced it myself, the enemy team is rofl-stomping us like we had relations with their mother and forgot to call, down to the last phoenix and they're breathing on your neck, like you forgot to tip the pizza delivery guy. Behold, a guy on your team tells you exactly how to win the game, and everyone listens. I've done this so many times, pull a game back from the brink just from helpful and sound advice. It doesn't always work but it gives you the feeling "hey, this dude might know what he's doing". Situations like this, giving people the sense that those people are out there and worth listening to.

    So I propose two things: Praise, and Demigod program.

    Praise: Teammates at the end of a match can choose to praise an individual for their contributions in a game. This is a tier based system with levels based on how many votes they receive over time. Of course, cosmetic rewards (different color name, a progressive symbol in the chat) for recognition could be in order based on their tier, but it's all centered around one simple thing: Protection of the Smite community. The idea is it's a bit like LoL's Honor system, or OW's promotion system, but more in tune with Smite's theme. What hero isn't praised? Whether they seek praise or not, it can't hurt to receive it and give others the chance to give it to them. The new system released is a bit clunky. Praise also could give incentive for players to behave better. Regular gem payouts, or a simple chest roll. Hell, you could even put in skin rentals for shiggles. It's all about incentives for people being ... better people.

    Demigod: I haven't really fully fleshed out a full idea for this, but, say for example a member with Tier 9 praise reaches Tier 10. That's a rather impressive achievement and has proof of the player being a worthy, knowledgeable and trustworthy individual of the Smite community. Pending Hi-Rez staff approval, they can ascend from Praised Hero status to Demigod status. They're essentially an in-game lite player moderator, with the ability to send heightened reports to Hi-Rez staff for review, with the ability to apply a soft mute.

    True, the in-game system does have a personal mute, but admittedly not everyone is going to mute that player on the team. Then there's always the next game, and the next, where the harassment continues. A Demigod gives the opportunity to speed the reporting process rather than waiting for a certain number of reports to come through for Hi-Rez to take notice and apply action.

    Anywho, just an idea.

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    they recently added in a end game "honor" system for players, but you can only honor a player once per day.

    where as with League, you can do this after every match.

    Now I don't know if Smite has their system the same way League does, but only honors from random players (not pre-made team mates) will count

    as for the Demigod idea...I feel like players would just end up abusing that system. the report system that exists already has its own problems and honestly that needs to be updated , as players can get banned for what seems like a single offense (even if they did nothing wrong)
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