Hi ! I am playing SMITE since 2015 back on the PS4 beta, and continued to play it since. I like playing with a mouse and keyboard, but I need to limit the amount of time I play the game because I have carpal tunnel. I'm playing on PC so I can play with my friends and also get a more optimized experience. It was fine at first, but after a few games, I knew i couldn't keep on playing with a mouse and keyboard. I have a strong wrist pressure after a very little time playing, and that gets my wrist to hurt and my aim to be the shittiest ever seen. So I tried playing with a controller. First of all, you can't bind multiple buttons to a single action. You can't use VGS, and there is a weird delay between the time you press a button and the time your ability actually goes off, this added to the animation time. Menus aren't usable with a controller too. You think that's frustrating ? Then why not take a look at your sensitivity ? You need to go and change your files to actually change your sensitivity with a controller. and aiming is a lot different than on console. So it really is a pain in the ass for people with wrist injuries and players that just want to play with a controller.

So my request is simple : Add the controller settings, values, and all this stuff from the console version of the game and implement the exact same on PC, including the same vgs than on console.