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Thread: The new Queue System is bad.

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    Exclamation The new Queue System is bad.

    I just want to say that is not normal to wait 3 min each match and sometimes one little kid doesnt accept and i have to wait for another 3 min again over and over. This new system is not as good as the old one.

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    Agreed. Hi-Rez is realising a few things. #1 Their player base of "quality" players vs new players is shrinking rapidly. #2 They cannot fix their ranked set-up no matter how hard they try. #3 They cannot get their toxic community under control. #4 They have created a system where there isn't enough support for how many gods they are making resulting in heavy imbalances. Given that they are aware of all these things and are continuing to make the game run worse and worse after every patch, the demise of Smite is crystal clear and will be border line unplayable in the near future. Commend my terrible teammate who F6? No thanks. 10:45 Seconds for ranked ques over and over? No thanks. Ranked = Hyper Casual now. RIP Ranked, was fun for a few seasons there.
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