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Thread: 5.14 | Goddess of Volcanoes PTS Issues Thread - 7/31/2018

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    5.14 | Goddess of Volcanoes PTS Issues Thread - 7/31/2018

    Hey everyone!

    PTS for 5.14 - Goddess of Volcanoes is Live for the night! We've got a couple of balance changes that we want to update everyone on so be sure to check them out below.

    You can find the full Update Notes here.

    Please post any bugs or issues found from PTS in this thread. Also, feel free to leave any feedback you have about any of the latest God and item changes!

    For instructions on how to download and participate in the PTS visit this link.

    Item Balance

    Gladiator's Shield

    We have decided to revert this change based on player feedback and PTS testing. The design team will continue to explore creative ways to tackle this issue in a future update.

    God Balance


    Reception for Pele has been overwhelmingly positive during PTS and we are really excited. During this initial testing period we have noted that Pele is quite strong and wanted to address a few points before she entered the Live environment. The main theme of these changes revolves around Pele's strong early jungle clear, mostly in ways we didn't intend, as well as her early acceleration into the mid-game.
    • Inner Damage reduced from 100/140/180/220/260 to 85/130/175/220/265
    • Note: The description for this ability has been updated but the actual damage values have not. This ability's damage values will be updated in an upcoming PTS build

    Magma Rush
    • Reduced damage from 20/25/30/35/40 (+10% of your physical power) every 0.5s to 10/15/20/25/30 (+5% of your physical power) every 0.5s
    • Reduced Amplified Damaged from 40/50/60/70/80 every 0.5s to 20/35/50/65/80 every 0.5s
    • Reduced Movement Speed bonus from 30% to 20% at all ranks
    • Updated description text to clarify this ability should not proc ability item effects.

    Volcanic Lightning
    • Reduced Slow from 30% at all ranks to 20/25/30/35/40%
    • Note: The Slow duration has been updated but the description for this ability does not yet reflect this change. This description will be updated in a future PTS build.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed Pele's Magma Rush ability to prevent exploiting the ability to inhand cancel
    • Pele's ultimate is now affected by increased attack speed
    • Fixed an additional button that overlayed the god builder menu in the gods screen
    • Pele's card art no longer displays Da Ji

    Known Issues

    • Pele's Eruption damage does not match tooltip description
    • The last roll of the Primal Storm chest will give the player a Primal Storm chest.
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    I don't know if you fixed that bug with The Morrigan but her clone doesn't show mana... making easy to see if it's a clone or not...

    As for Pele... Not sure if intended but her skill 1 apply Crusher passive twice. 1 on the way going in and another on going back if hit both the same target.

    If I compare her vs all other assassins... most of them have easy go in and out at low CD. Her ? her Magma Rush doesn't give her any protection from knock-up or slow. She doesn't walk on that moment she should be some kind of immunity like Isis have.

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    Bug #1 Casting Mode locked.

    Whatever casting mode is set under Settings -> User Interface, you are stuck with that. Trying to use the K menu for individual skill casting settings never takes, it resets to the global one chosen.

    Bug #2 vs AI requires Tutorial

    Trying to play any vs AI mode first tries to run a video then says you have to play the tutorial except Assault, that only does the video.

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    Same complaint with Wildstreak above. Cannot set casting modes for individual abilities, no matter the god. All choices are locked on the mode which has been set under Settings>>>> User Interface. So, if I set normal casting there, then I must use normal casting for ALL abilities on ALL gods. It is frustrating.

    Also, was asked if I wanted to play a tutorial before my first play on each game mode following this patch.

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    There seems to be a login issue with SMITE both via Steam and regular download. I am logged in on the start screen but when I open the game I am logged out and have to type my credentials again. I have 2-factor authentification enabled so I am asked for a code, but I have not been sent one. When I click okay, thinking it would prompt the sending of a new code, the game appears to freeze. I can't log in at all, please help!

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