Hi, so i would like to know your opinion about timed queue in ranked conquest, i think that waiting 12 min for match is pretty ridiculous, and the worst thing is leavers in lobby, so i am waiting 12 min for ranked match, then i go into lobby a guy leaves, so i go back into 12 min waiting. This is so stupid, today i waited for ranked conquest match like 40 minutes, becouse of leavers in lobby.
There really should be done something like, that if you got into lobby and someone leaves, so 9 players from lobby should get match immediately, just let system to finding for 9 player 1 player who is closest to them and let us play, becouse this system what is now really sucks, i don't want to waiting 40 min for 1 match, becouse leavers in lobby and i am shire that other players too.