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Thread: Commendation System Changes Needed

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    Commendation System Changes Needed

    This is what I sent to Support Feedback today.

    The Commendations system is a good addition but could use a couple of tweaks.

    1 - After giving people Commendations, I have to sit on the screen for half a minute. I could hit ESC but I am not sure if that wipes the Commendations away so I am stuck there. There needs to be a Finish button after giving them out.

    2 - We should be allowed to give enemies Commendations of different types. One example reason, people who stick things out despite fighting into what looks like a losing match. A couple of examples.

    This first Joust match saw the opposing Chernobog a disconnect at start, later Vulcan who gave no signs of rage quitting was disconnected. Awilix could have avoided the 3 of us but tried to play it through, after it was over I said to her I would have given her a FP Tip if I could. (This was before Tipping was removed.)

    This second one had Loki disconnected at start, once realized and inspired by stories I saw on reddit, I told everyone I would sit the match out making it a fair Hunter + Mage vs Hunter + Mage fight. Later Xbalanque went disconnect, again no sign of a rage quit he was active and even spoke to me before. I feel Nu Wa deserves something for fighting into a 1 v 2.

    The Commendation screen can be done like the one while the match is loading, your 2-4 allies up top and the enemies on the bottom. Enemy Commendations can include Fighter for those who tough out a disconnect playing into an unfair matchup, not sure what other 2 could be done.

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    I too wish we had a way to reward enemy team members, so many times there is one person who clearly carried all of them and I wish I could give them something for it.
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    The commendation system should give better rewards and give a small favor boost for giving the 1st commendation each match.
    That way every player is encouraged to give out commendations but ONLY well behaved players actually receive commendations consistently.

    (I disagree with commending the enemy team since it takes away from the idea of encouraging players to behave well since their behaviour generally doesnt affect the other team)
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