So I'm one of the biggest smite players that has the biggest loser streak ever, I've had up to like 16 defeats in a ROW and had ONE win, until like another 4 defeats after that, it's been rather horrible, and now i've noticed a thing that is like even more effed up.

First the matchmaking was a complete pile of crap that got you teamed up with ranked 5 diamonds.

and now..we have to wait 4-5 minutes for a conquest game to start? ONLY So I can lose in the end anyways?

Who is deciding these changes and these new systems? They need to be fired ASAP as they have NO idea what they are doing.
Take lessons from Blizzard, they let you skirmish in overwatch until a game appears, and the matchmaking is pretty good tbh.

You guys are going to lose playerbase due to this fact and you only got yourself to blame for this Hirez.