This is not worth it.
After trying a few Joust matches with it and doing the numbers, the camp is worth little and does not encourage more Jungler action.

Value of the new 2 creature camp = 44 XP once it is fixed to tigers.
Value of Blue Turtle camp = 217 XP
Value of Red Tiger camp = 229 XP
Value of Minion wave = 210 XP

In addition what typically happened is 2 or all 3 members of a team go together to clear the camp, guess they were bored and did not realize the low value. Tried it myself once as Da Ji since my 2 allies kept wiping the lane waves not needing my help, saw no benefit.

How a 44 XP camp is supposed to make a difference is beyond my understanding including that if those Season 5 changes to Conquest also apply to Joust, mainly where XP Splitting went down. Joust usually has 2 of the 3 man team hitting minion waves outpacing the third person that is usually a tank though rare exceptions happen but even then the third person is still down levels.

With 2 now contested Tiger camps the Red one being higher value then each side having a Turtle camp, there really is little need for a Jungler. Since the third person is usually a tank acting like a Conquest Support, that is where you need to focus benefits on, not try to create a Jungler position. Create a way for a Guardian or Warrior, rare Assassin, to be able to keep pace in levels otherwise the 2 damage dealers will dish out enough damage from their higher levels to outpace any defenses the third puts up. If the third players on each team goes damage build Assassin, Warrior or rare moments Guardian though I do not recommend it, they are even easier to kill from being lower level. If the third person tries hitting the wave too, it may slow down level progression of the 2 damage dealers weakening them against the opposition.

Honestly, me I would keep this map for Duels and make a new Joust map. Contested XP camps like those near the Conquest midlane is one thing but contested Red buffs like in Joust and Clash are not good in my belief.