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Thread: Clan Chests

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    Lightbulb Clan Chests

    Can we get some more options in the clan chests? There is a limit to what you can get with clan honor. I feel like we can do so much more with this feature. It fell off as soon as it started.

    Now using myself as an example, I have unlocked everything that the clan chests have. Now I have racked up 41K+ in personal honor that I can spend.. The honor has no use for people who have everything.

    I am thinking we need either new chests with more items or something similar to the season ticket store. Rotate through skins to buy with honor and make some exclusives through the clan store.

    Another option would be to be able to use honor to buy boosters. Use them to buy EXP or worshiper boosters so that you can find a use for honor.
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