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Thread: party of 4 surrender on purpose

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    party of 4 surrender on purpose

    are these behaviors bannable?
    I was matched with a party of 4 in an arena match. Turns out they're a bunch of trolls and they all F6 when we had the massive lead. Though I don't really care about losing an arena match I still gotta expose them.

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    Either use the in game Report buttons, in this case choose AFK for reason typing as much detail as possible, or submit through SUpport link up top then choose Contact Us link on left side and fill out form again providing as much detail as possible.

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    Though this might stink in this one instance, afraid I'm hardly going to complain about the one incidence I've ever heard of this happening in in ~3 yrs of playing this game vs all of the games with duos+ that have kept me in lost games wasting another 20+ mins of my life each time.

    Don't get me wrong, still stinks, and I still think the best solution is that any groups only ever get one vote, with a tie going toward the solos, but afraid I'm not betting on that happening anytime soon, so instead, try Ranked, now that it's all solo - much, much better chance of having votes actually be legitimate, imho

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