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Thread: Why no 500g tank pot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Relanah View Post
    You dont play much conquest do you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RainbowSplat View Post
    You dont play much conquest do you?

    But what effect does that have on things?

    Other than making prots even worse, with more power available thanks to red buff and fire giant buff, prot shred from purple buff (There is no +prots buff), less levels on supports (Less base prots), less gold for supports (less items) and more reason to pick up more penetration (Because there are 6 towers and 3 phoenixes to take down).

    Unless you can enlighten me as to why you might think that Conquest has some magical addition to it that makes protections much more powerful or that makes going Executioner, Titan's Bane or Obsidian Shard impossible which make a complete joke out of protections even when stacked to the excess.
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