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Thread: How to stop range from being OP vs melee ( example poking titan vs heal fountain)

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    For arena which is basically one long giant team fight which is what i like.

    My two favorite classes to play are ...
    Hunter and Guardian.

    For my hunter ...

    He loves his tank especially ones that love him cause he is basically weak as shit the entire first half.

    For my hunter to defeat a tank end game, i can go one of two builds i can add titans bane which has been basically nerfed to shit for a hunter.
    (this is a indirect nerf because it does about zip now to 60% of the rest of the enemy team and forget execs vs a tank 3 shots before you penn at 33% ya ok like i can be killed in between shots by some mages while im pew pew pew pew pew pewing away. If i kill him he already screwed up and then some.)

    I can just go pure power and crit which leaves me room for exactly nothing else and means that for most of the match i can do jack to a tank unless he is already in a bad situation or i somehow got far ahead.

    whats my hunter like ...
    Maximum firepower so the enemy dies before he does thats all hes got.
    Item wise he doesn't have much choice its kill or run there is really no in between.
    A hunter that specializes in running away sort of sucks for obvious reasons.

    He has likes for his guardian though his three favorite guardian Auras are... in order of timing.

    Pythagorems piece.
    Stone of binding.
    Shoguns kusari. <(by far the most effective and actually fits better on my warrior)

    (none of which most guardians commonly equip nor do i, never all three for sure, and none of which will give me my guardian a optimaly survivable build end game if i am that guardian.)

    Did i mention i have to aim every shot dead on target which requires a bit of tunnel vision as well as you know aim.

    For my Guardian.

    He loves him to zig zag the enemy hunter and he makes the other teams hunter miss a awful lot cause his bullets are slooowwww. Haa.
    He loves him a enemy hunter that is overly aggressive cause its good foods for his hunter.
    He loves to feed his hunter kills, so he likes to stun and pull people to line up his hunter some easy kills.
    He loves his last item to be something that the enemy hunter really doesnt like, such as midguard mail especially if he has a relic like thorns.
    (see he knows that if the enemy hunter even thought to try to fit a extra speed item then hes a dummy and will be all the more weakened when he both shoots and is slowed by 24% , say end game hunter foods yaaay)
    Owch sometimes he will even let himself get shot when his own hunter is behind him. Ooow i can take it

    He doesn't like some things to.
    He doesn't like any enemys with grabs or stuns or throws to teleport right next to his defensless hunter and will react immediately and aggressively in retaliation.
    Because this ussually means his hunter is dead meat and he gets mad if they do this.
    Or things that jump in at his hunter and poof him into nothingness.
    He doesn't like mages with super stuns or one or two shot rapid aoe's.
    He hates invisible mages that are sneeky and like to sneek or just straight bash his hunter as he runs away in one or two shots.
    He actually doesn't mind hunters even enemy ones as to him they are just things to feed his hunter or sin.
    He doesn't like cc.
    He doesn't like slows.
    He doesn't like enemys with teleport.
    He really doesn't like his team to spread out to far to were he can not save them.
    He doesn't like his hunter to have a weakling shot build, otherwise well, his hunter would be worth ...
    well... nothing, come end game. Since he is worth less then other classes most of the game.
    That would make him basically un-playable at all.

    Oh ya and cooldown hunters are maybe fun but also a joke.
    My Guardian tears them up like somethings missing on them.
    My Hunter melts them like butter.
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