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Thread: Bumba's mask's inconsistency

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    Quote Originally Posted by Relanah View Post
    Well, CDR is nice, and that's definitely a boon for T2 mask, however, the fact still stands that the best stat in the game IS movement speed and going T2 mask and sitting on it will put you at a significant disadvantage compared to people who buy even T2 boots (RIP Mousotoskyr and his 10% MS on T2 Acorn...), yes you get some CDR to compensate, but that MS loss is punishing (Especially when magical gods have their 10% CDR boots)

    Maybe it might be on the stronger side if you go T1 boots alongside it sort of like how the old Bumba's meta involved picking up the 500g Bumba's Mask starter and trying to get value before selling it (Since it would be a net cost of like 133g due to the resale value) since T1 boots is also 500g (So 133g investment) for that 6% MS putting you at a respectable 16% MS while you do the rest of your build. BUT then you're still paying your upfront 1600g even if you do get some back later when you decide to move onto T3 mask.
    Yeah therefor I think the strong side would still be boots and t2 mask. I mean its 20%cdr and 28% MS for ~2700g for magicals. Its a significant investment but still 20% CDR is really nice. For conq I think there are more important items atleast early game then ms and cdr but in mid game 1100g for 10ms and 10cdr is pretty good.

    I tried it some in arena yesterday and I'm still torn about it, so it is at least not as imbalanced as adventures once was. Still upping it to 1500g for t2 mask or smth could be a good idea.

    Boots tier 1 ain't 300g any longer so you can't cheese out that 16% so cheaply.
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