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Thread: How to balance the new masks.

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    How to balance the new masks.

    So currently the masks are as follows:

    Lonos mask
    2500 Gold
    100 Health
    50 Magical Protections
    50 Physical Protections
    20% Crowd Control Reduction
    -25% Damage Dealt
    +15% Damage Mitigation
    only available for assassins, hunters and mages

    So who would want to build this? I think most people can agree that its definitely not for hunters, mainly because it has no offense stats and reduce your damage dealt by 25%. It can be used as an defensive item for bruiser assassins or even support assassins as well as bruiser or support mages. It also favors character that relies on healing because the healing done is not hindered by the -25% damage dealt. This item is balanced as is IMO.

    Bumba’s mask
    2500 Gold
    20 Physical Power
    50 Magical Power
    20% Cooldown Reduction
    +10% Damage Taken
    -10% Damage Dealt
    +35% Movement Speed
    available to all classes

    This item is very interesting because you can build it with any god. Its an interesting alternative to boots, especially for characters that rely heavily on movement speed and cool down reduction. In its current state it favors mages/guardians a little bit more though because it has 50 magical power which is better then 20 physical power. I can see this item picked up on a lot of different gods because of the flexibility of the item being open for all classes. Perhaps switch out your boots for this item super late game or use this on top of boots to be able to zoom around the map, this can be especially useful for junglers or players who are just wishing to rotate super fast or squishy characters who has little mobility to make them safer. I think the item is balanced overall but the physical power should go up to 25 and on the t2 it should go up to 15.

    Rangda’s Mask
    15 Penetration
    35 Physical Power
    70 Magical Power
    +25% Damage taken
    +15% Ability Damage
    +20% Basic Attack Damage
    only available for guardians and warriors

    I think the idea for this mask is to make guardians and warriors able to dish out really high damage numbers, similar to that of assassins and mages at the cost of making them way squishier. Lets look at guardians and compare it with a similar priced item spear of desolation. for 2500 gold your getting 15 pen, 70 magical power, 15% ability damage, 20% basic attack damage and 25% increased damage taken. For just 100 extra gold you can buy a spear of desolation, this item has also 15 pen but 30 more magical power and also 10% cdr on it as well as its passive. So pretty much your giving up 30 magical power and 10% cdr for 15% boosted ability damage, 20% basic attack damage 25% inc damage taken. using lvl 20 ymirs 400 magical power frost breath as an example the 15% ability boost damage on its own is worth about 144 magical power which sounds impressive but taking 25% increased damage as a guardian especially with a 400 magical power build will leave room for very little defensive stats and pretty much make you almost as squishy as traditional mage build. Therefore i dont think this item is worth the cost at its current state, the damage numbers should be buffed to 20 penetration, 90/45 power aswell as the t2 being 25 physical power in order to make up for the HUGE punishment that is taking 25% extra damage on a character that is designed for close combat.

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    Lonos Mask... Maybe current Arachne?

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