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Thread: Why I'm leaving Smite after years playing.

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    Why I'm leaving Smite after years playing.

    Ranked Conquest
    This mode has been changed to be Solo only. Parties of no sizes are allowed
    Bravo for this idea, you've killed the game for many of us.

    I'm playing Smite since i'm beta-tester (more than 5 years I guess) and the only reason for me to play was to duo ranked with my best friend. I understand that you want to make the queues faster & fair, but this way will, you'll make all the people I know and asked for, turning out of the game.

    Hi-Rez, you must understand a competitive game is made for : playing with friends who want to challenge themselves. I have no point to continue playing Smite if i can't play competitive with friends, and I will never play in casual conquest with them as long there is no challenge or pro-players with a strong teamplay. Let's be factual : casual mode is just the players garbage can and i'm not interested in it. I'll never be and all my friends will never be.

    So please Hi-Rez, read this message and ask yourself : Is it really a good idea ? How can we change the game in the right direction without removing a feature that all the MOBA still have ? I'm repeating myself but playing with friends in competitive modes is what keeps the game (and any games) alive.

    Hi-rez, I beg you to think again and remove this line from your patch note. I'm really enjoying to play Smite since years now. I remember when the jungle was in the map sides and all the strange modifications you made to it. I've always been your first supporter and even bring you some new players, even when they were focused on others MOBA at first. But this ? I'm sorry but no.

    If you can't and won't come back on your decision, then long life to Smite, it was many years of fun, and i'm missing it already.

    This message is cross-posted in 3 differents appropriate sections of the forum to increase visibility. Please moderators, do not delete them as long i'm respectful of the conditions of use. Also, sorry for my english, i'm french native.

    Bye Smite.

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    Repost. Closing.
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