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Thread: High Latency In Latam & Br Servers and goodbye smite!

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    Thumbs up High Latency In Latam & Br Servers and goodbye smite!

    Fisrt chapter: Patch 5.11

    Patch after patch, high latency continues in the servers of Latin America and Brazil. We are a large number of players that we can not enjoy the game because of this and Hi Rez does not seem to matter.

    this is the problem, in some games we experience a latency of 200Ping, and in other games 80ping.

    this happens to many people on these servers no matter where we are, and its only happens on SMITE, we play in different online games including Realm Royale and the latency is quite stable in every game we play and every match we play, except in the servers of Latam and Brazil.

    me and my friends loves Smite we really do. but lately we only play a couple of games until the high latency appears and we get frustrated and exit the game.

    that's why I'm asking you to review this matter. I want to continue playing smite, we want to continue enjoying this beautiful game that I have been playing since the beta.

    Last chapter: patch 5.12

    Again ... another patch in smite and again the latency problem continues

    I don't know, I don't know what to do, every time I play smite always appear games with high ping!

    Me and my group of friends, we no longer want to tolerate this frustration of playing with 200 ping, in fact one of my friends already uninstalled the game, and it's funny because not long ago, I calculate a couple of months, the same one that uninstalled today the game told me that he did not understand why more people did not play smite that's what we all think that we play in Latin America about this game. It's a great game we love it, but we got to this... the same guy who got frustated by the ping and uninstalled the game... and you know what?, I think I'm going to follow him and unistall Smite, and it's just a matter of very little time for all the other people who have this problem to do it like the rest.

    So Hi Rez, if what you wanted was to destroy the Latin American and Brazilian community, you have achieved it very successfully. Congratulations! Thanks for keeping us in mind these last ... months? or will it be a year of leaving us in the shit? does not matter anymore, I wish you the worst and I hope that smite, your baby dies as soon as possible.

    dearly go fuck yourself!
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