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Thread: Idea : Smite skins can be sold in gems or cash

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    Post Idea : Smite skins can be sold in gems or cash

    Today I had an idea, add the sale of skins smite and we can get gems or money in cash or favor by selling a skins. On Steam, for example, you can put your skin for sale on the market.
    Tell me if you like this idea

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    Bad idea.

    By doing this, you have two ways: you can sell a skin the amount you want or the same amount you spent.

    If you sell a skin the amount you want, you will be able to see scammers for sure, or some old skins for a high price. There will be a market and abuses will happen...some people will buy a cheap skin in a chest and sell it when the chest is not available. Some people will gain more gems that they spend. Theremore, some people will lose gems because of it or people who purchase "normaly" skins will pay more than others.

    Even if you sell a skin the "normal" amount, there are a lot of problems:
    -if you buy a skin 300 Gems in a chest. Will you send it 400 Gems? You can't.
    -you buy all the 50 skins in a chest to get the one you want. Then, you sell all others. Chests are nothing then.
    -you could buy a skin, try it and sell it...for free!!!!
    -you just buy one skin per character. When a good skin is released for a character, just sell your previous one.

    Because of this, people will spend much less Gems in the game. Do you think Hi-Rez who chose most of their skins to be in chests will create such a sell feature?

    Sorry but not even a slight chance...
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