So, every patch there are bugs. I have played this game since the very hour it was available on pc, and this has been the case. Myself, and many like me, enjoyed your game because the community was relatively easy to handle. However, recently, Hi rez has removed the option to report players on ps4. This can only be because of a few things. 1. Completely incompitent employees in charge of UI constantly screwing everything up. 2. Intentional removal because the heavy flow of trolls being reported. 3. Complete disregard for your loyal players by giving them a rock solid middle finger.

So that was the nice intro. Here is the fully honest outro. Will gems fix your bullshit? Do we all have to buy gems to get you to do your job? I have spent over 600 bucks on your game, so how much more until you treat people like me the same way you treat your toxic ass trolls? Huh? If you expect to ever be a serious game, you are doing it wrong. Giving an immediate patch over a UI issue, but not a report button removal is careless, and a fuck you to your good community. If intentional, not putting it in the patch notes is a really big fuck you to the community. So answer me this Hi Rez, fuck you? Or fuck us? I am done being mature, I am done being civil, and if my account happens to be banned for this post just know I am going to lawyer up. You will fix this garbage, explain the garbage, or I will get every dime I have EVER spent on your game back. Not a threat, not a promise, just what you guys would like to call "business".

A free game, with paying customers getting shit on isn't a game worth playing. Chinese donors cant bail you out of this bullshit forever. Give us solid honest answers, or give us our money back. Our purchases are based on your lies, read your own terms and conditions. I believe you will find you are in the wrong.