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Thread: Arena / Joust / Clash

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    Arena / Joust / Clash

    Looking for a group of people(person) who's interested in playing some arena/joust/clash. Just add me ingame, IGN BonDieu. Just wanna have some fun without solo queueing as all my friends quit.

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    IGN: Presto Dynamo
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    General Play Time: 6pm-9pm
    Preferred Language: English
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    Preferred Position: Any
    Preferred Mode: Any modes, I enjoy ranked as well. Conquest would be my least favorite though
    Preferred Gods: I like them all but tend to gravitate towards guardians, mages and hunters
    Microphone: (Yes) = (Discord, Steam, Skype, Mumble, TS, Vent)
    My profile name is Presto_Dynamo or PrestoDynamo
    Type of group I'm looking for: (casual, multi gaming, anyone who is on from 6pm to 1am)
    Prior Competitive Experience: None
    About Me: Been playing Mobas since 2007, LoL, HotS, Dota 2, and tried some others, but just don't like bullying and killing minions. ;-) I've played many first person shooters and seem to enjoy those more. I aim to improve my skills in every game I play and take any and all information that can lead to a better understanding of the game. I am looking for a group that is on during late night hours and that main arena, clash, joust with siege and ranked games coming in second. I'm a casual player at heart that strives on skill level improvement no matter my rank or elo.

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